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Call Stephen Greene with any questions 419-522-3511 EXT 227.

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Art Class 

This class will give children quality opportunities to work with experienced art professionals and students, working on a variety of projects, such as clay sculpting, wire sculpting, and more! 

Children Ages 5-12
Mondays 5:00  

$15 for Members
$25 for non-members

More Info:

Program registration opens August 10

Programs begin the week of August 24 
Contact Stephen Greene: 



Express ideas and feelings through the art of ballet. Participants will learn balance, grace, poise, self-control, and positive self-esteem. All classes will be held Thursday evening at the Y. Proper dance attire is required. Girls – black or pink leotard with black or pink tights and pink ballet slippers with a strap. Ballet skirts are optional. Boys – black leggings and white top with black ballet slippers with a strap 

Creative Movement

(age 3) 5:00 pm 

Pre- Ballet I

(ages 4-6) 5:20 pm

Pre-Ballet II

(5-6) 5:50 pm

Ballet I

(ages 7+) 6:50 pm*
*(Dancers 7-8 yrs of age w/o dance experience should enroll in Pre-Ballet) 

$10 for Household Members
$35 for Facility Members
$70 for Program Members

More Info:
Registration for this program is Fall I and Winter I. The program will run 14 weeks and will conclude with a recital/program.

Tap/Jazz Combo

This upbeat tap/jazz class will be broken into two fun learning experiences. The first half will be focused on beginning/intermediate rhythmic tap (tap shoes required). The second half will focus on learning the basics of modern dance with an upbeat jazz tempo. All classes will be held on Thursday evenings at the Y.        

Ages 5-7 Thursday 6:20 pm 

Ages 8+ Thursday 7:20 pm (Dancers 7-8 years of age without dance experience should enroll in Pre-Tap/Jazz)


$10 for Household Members
$35 for Facility Members
$70 for Program Members

More Info:
Registration for this program is Fall I and Winter I. The program will run 14 weeks and will conclude with a recital/program. 

Chance to Dance

This fun, energetic, and FREE class is designed for children with special needs, introducing basic movement skills, ballet, jazz, and creativity, with songs and games which allow for self-expression. 


2nd and 4th Saturday each month

Starts Saturday, August 29th




Additional information: 

Registration is open August 10 

Science Club

The Science Club is the place for students who are interested in science to learn about all scopes of science from medicine to chemistry to physics to the environment. 
We discuss how to use this conceptual basis for applications in the real world.  
Science I (ages 5-8) 5:00 pm
Science II (ages 9-13) 6:00 pm

$10 for Facility Members
$15 for Program Members

More Info:
Registration begins August 10
Programs begin August 24 



These classes are grouped by age and experience (beginner/intermediate/advanced) designed to build on skills of tumbling and gymnastics (backward roll, bridge, back handspring, etc.) The goal is to continue to improve your child's coordination, balance, and body awareness while building confidence. All classes will be held at our Carpenter Child Care location.

Preschool Tumbling (3-5 years old)

Our preschool program proudly offers a Tumbling program for children 3 to 5 years of age and is creatively designed to promote body awareness and self-esteem through tumbling exercise. Our program aims to increase each student's individual awareness, coordination, and flexibility.

Mondays 6:00 pm
Wednesdays 5:30 pm 

Beginner Tumbling (ages 6-up)

Emphasis is placed on basic body mechanics and skill development on bars, beam floor, strength, and flexibility. Participants will be taught the skills to accomplish a cartwheel, forward roll, handstands against the wall, introduction to balance beam skills, all while increasing the participant's strength and flexibility.

Mondays 6:30 pm
Wednesdays 6:00 pm or 6:30 pm  

Intermediate (ages 6 and up)

A more difficult skillset will be taught at this level with the focus on body mechanics and skill development on the bars, beam, and floor with strength and flexibility. Basic skills such as cartwheel, forward roll, and beam experience are needed to participate in this course.

Mondays 7:00 pm 

Advanced (ages 6 and up)

Advanced training on gymnastic skill development on bars, beam, and floor. Participants must be able to perform a cartwheel, round-off, and backbend on the first day of class and understand basic tumbling skills. If the skills are not met, the child will be moved to beginner or intermediate.

Wednesday at 7:00 pm

$5 for Household Members
$17.50 for Facility Members
$35 for Program Members

More Info:
Not offered Fall I. 



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