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Kempo Dragons

Kempo Dragons karate is a school that is designed to teach focus, concentration, discipline, and self-control. Most importantly, it teaches self-confidence through traditional karate instruction, and within this learning lies self-protection. Due to the nature of this program curriculum, including sparring and kicking, participants must be 7 years of age or older. 


Tuesdays 6:00 pm & Friday 5:00 pm- Beginners-white-yellow belts 


Monday and Wednesday at 6:00 pm,  classes orange belt and up


Monday and Wednesday at 7:00 pm, advanced rank, brown and black, and by invitation

$35 Facility Member Rate/month for beginners
$40 Program Member Rate/month beginners
Join anytime  
Multiple family discounts available

Scholarships available

Contact Reneta Music for more information 

All Martial Arts programs are under the guidance of Grandmaster Gary Music, 8th-degree black belt, and 7th degree Master/Chief instructor Reneta Music. 

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Self Protection/Life Protection

The ability to protect yourself and someone you love is the knowledge that everyone should have. The Mansfield Y is offering a class that teaches how to use your empty hands and feet to protect yourself from a violent attack. This program focuses on 8 crucial drills that will internalize the timing and skill needed for effective self-defense, preparing you for any situation that may come your way. It is designed to empower you with confidence, emotional strength, and mental strength to protect yourself in situations that would otherwise be terrifying. 

The class is taught by Reneta Music, Chief karate instructor and a 7th-degree black belt, and Gary Music, Grandmaster, and an 8th-degree black belt Shurite Kempo

Class Info:


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